Whenever You're Mine

by Jerry Grotto

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Sweet Wreath
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Sweet Wreath it is slick harmony. river run thru phaser rain. slap knee. Favorite track: Muscogee.
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Is it a tail or a finger ?? I'm not Johnny Law
knock knock ... not a bite
I prefer when I'm not heard, wherever I may go


released February 5, 2017

All songs written and performed by Jerry Grotto and His Duende Band
Recorded on a Tascam 388, here and there 2016

dedicated to everyone who asked



all rights reserved


Jerry Grotto Mobile, Alabama

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Track Name: So Sorry
I've been praying that my eyes would soon / spring a big leak and cry a lagoon / but I shed not a tear / now there's nowhere to solemnly swim / and it seems like a dream when the days keep on dragging / is it a tail or a finger that's wagging / I don't care for much of anything at all
Track Name: Side-Looker
have I ever been mistaken for a cop? / well baby, I'm not Johnny Law / I'm not the fuzz you thought you saw / trailing you while you were driving high / trailing you last night when you were high / have I ever been found as a crook? / well, yes, it's true / I've palmed a few / things that weren't mine in my youth / but baby, maybe, those days are gone
Track Name: A Hand ≠ The Glove (Whenever Yr Mine)
honeycomb head hanging out in a seed vault / stuck together with granola glue / deep house music late night on a turnpike / mellified man melting out in the sunlight / whenever you're mine / I ask for a hand and I get the glove / and I ask for the glove and I get the finger / all of the plants outgrow their planters / and there is a knock that nobody answers / whenever you're mine
Track Name: Muscogee
there's a glass of water on the table and a tiny speck is struggling to get out / I was so thirsty that I drank it anyway and to tell you otherwise would be a lie

in the summer driving down to Muscogee / Nature cast its slime across the shield / black and orange so violent I could barely see / the wipers only smeared a haze of gore

fishing for a potion with some friends of mine / casting out our lines for not a bite / save the ones appearing on our arms and legs / as I was itching for a better time
Track Name: Back In The Bath House
back in the bath house we were falling in love so easy / blue tile mosaic depicting Roman pornography / back in the back house we were falling in love, but now we're too far away from those days / but you don't have to talk much, you don't have to say a word / and I don't ever talk much, I prefer when I'm not heard / but back in the bath house we were falling in love, but now we're too far away from those days
Track Name: Scepter (Blow On)
dew drop daddy stirring the mantle / loose fit daddy wearing Jesus sandal / who's that daddy? he's too cool to handle / baby's so bratty when she's blowing out a candle / blow on

so bratty baby, don't you cry / take my sleeve and dry your eyes / your lovely kingdom in repose / is a bonfire beneath my nose / sticks to my hair, sticks to my clothes / with me wherever I may go / go on